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Most people know that answers aren’t always obvious and looking deeper to find the information we need is just part of being human. Living in such a fast-paced technological world, it’s easy to lose sight of those more natural gifts we all possess, like intuition. Trusting my intuition has been difficult, but I am learning. As my mom pointed out years ago, it’s figuring out how to apply that trust that is the bigger challenge.

As the weeks wore on, and still my hands refused to cooperate, I started to realize that maybe the doctor was right. Maybe this was going to take a long, long time to heal. What was I going to do about it? I didn’t want to learn the answer to that, but I literally had no choice.

I started thinking about the word ‘work’ that kept appearing on my screen a few days earlier. Whether you’re working for a living, working to keep your environment clean and tidy, or putting your energy into a more creative passion, it’s still all work isn’t it? I read recently in another authors Blogpost, that in order to make time for the writing, I should probably refer to it as work, and not call it writing . Isn’t it strange that people value the work we do in our daily schedules more than the work we do in our so-called free time?

Like it’s optional for me to write? Writing is food for my soul and treating my soul with respect promotes mental health.

As I sat at my desk dictating phrases to my colleague, a random QA appeared in the middle of the sentence I’d just spoken. Where did that come from? Laughter bubbled up inside of me and I couldn’t help giggling.

Muting the microphone, I sat back and stared at the screen. QA? As in question and answers?

“Yeah right,” I commented sarcastically. “I’ve got lots of questions, but not enough answers."

I have a phrase for times like this, when strange things happen to me and I have no explanation.

These are the things that make you say, hmmm? [insert puzzled frown here]

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all, and definitely the biggest lesson for me in all of this, is that once I was able to return my attention to the manuscript, the voice recognition software understood my words just fine and stopped randomly closing the program I was working in.

The phrase above works perfectly here, does it not?

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