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Hauntingly Familiar

You get chills, your gut aches, your heart aches, you tear up. You want to see, hear or read it over and over again. 

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      Hauntingly Familiar narrated by the author!

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Ginny at barn - HR_edited.jpg

Framed by the barn door, was a scene that sent shivers up my spine...

. Although I couldn’t deny that the place terrified me, I was drawn to it anyhow. Was it my love of mysteries, or something else that kept me coming back?

Every piece of land has stories to tell.

 What would happen if ghosts looked just as alive as you and me?

When eight-year-old Ginny moves to a house in the country and meets a new friend, she makes a disturbing discovery. Her very real looking, very normal friend simply …isn’t.

Is it true? Could he really be imaginary? Or was he perhaps, something more?

Experience this mystery through the eyes of the child who lived it. This paranormal page turner is based on a true story.

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